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Using osCommerce with the WonderPay Payment Gateway

The following instructions describe how to configure your osCommerce shopping cart to use the WonderPay gateway.

1. You will first need to download the WonderPay modules.

  • Click here to download the WonderPay osCommerce modules

Included are 4 files (merchantpartners.php, merchantpartners1.php, ckmerchantpartners.php, ckmerchantpartners1.php).

2. Copy the files into directories specified below.

Note: Rename the merchantpartners1.php to merchantpartners.php once it's copied over.

merchantpartners.php and ckmerchantpartners.php:

  • /your web directory/catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/

merchantpartners1.php and ckmerchantpartners1.php (rename to merchantpartners.php)

  • /your web directory/catalog/includes/modules/payment/

3. When the files have been installed, you will be able to select "Merchant Partners" from the Modules-Payment option in the admin menu.

The WonderPay Software Includes Free Tools to Process Credit Cards Through Your Website

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