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Using Mal's E-Commerce with Merchant Partners

Merchant Partners processes credit card and electronic check payments for Internet merchants. The instructions below describe how to configure your Mal's E-commerce shopping cart to send credit card requests to the Merchant Partners gateway for processing using the "Custom Gateway" form.

Getting Started
In order to configure your cart, you first need to have created accounts with both Mal's and Merchant Partners. You will need your Merchant Partners AcctID and your Mal's E-commerce UserID to complete this process.

Log into your Admin screen on Mal's and go to "Cart set-up". In "SHOPPING CART SET-UP", under "PAYMENTS", click "PAYMENT GATEWAY SETUP". In "PAYMENT GATEWAY SETUP" click on "Custom - Set up a custom payment gateway".

On the "GENERIC GATEWAY SETUP" screen, you need to enter the following parameters:

Posting to the gateway
Enter the link URL for the gateway (with https:// or http:// at the font):

Should the action be a POST or a GET request:

Start by entering the hidden form fields. These fields have values that are the same for every order. They will include a field with your Merchant Partners AcctID and information about the transaction method you are using.

Field Name Value

Next we include the data from the cart.

Field Name Value Field name
Total value of the order total
Customer's Unique ID (Shopper ID) id
Subtotal subtotal
Shipping ship
Discount discount
Tax tax
Invoice to name inv_name
Invoice to company inv_company
Invoice to address inv_addr1
Invoice to city inv_addr2
Invoice to state inv_state
Invoice to ZIP/Postal code inv_zip
Invoice to country inv_country
Telephone number tel
Fax number fax
Email address email
Ship to name del_name
Ship to address del_addr1
Ship to city del_addr2
Ship to state del_state
Ship to ZIP/Postal code del_zip
Ship to country del_country

The submit button may need a name and it will always need a value, for example, "CONTINUE".

Submit Name Value

Click the sample page generator to test your interface.

Return link to the cart
Makes a silent POST, GET or redirect to the cart
Does not link back


Field Name Value
Shopper's ID
Returned result  

where a successful sale is indicated by a result of


Field Name

The cart will present a Thank you or Declined page.

You should use HTML and include <head> and <body> tags. You can also include returned values from the gateway using the syntax #field_name#

Field Name

Thank you page:

Declined page:

And a common signature to appear at the bottom of either:

Be sure to test your cart before accepting live transactions. You can test with your Merchant Partners AcctID while it is in test mode, or use the test acctID "TEST0" to confirm that your configuration is set up correctly. Be sure to switch your acctID back to your live account before processing live orders.

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